Affiliate Program

  • 12th January 2023
Greeting All, We are excited to release our new affiliate program. It is now easy to get commission payments on referrals by simply copying and pasting your affiliate code into your website. The referral system is fully automated. All you need to do is enable it in your account area. The system will keep track of any click-throughs, ...
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Pricing Structure Change

  • 10th January 2023
After 12 years we regrettably are increasing our hosting fees for monthly and annual subscriptions. The increase is necessary to account for rising prices in power and other inputs to the hosting business. This includes more security measures to protect your data and privacy. We have kept the increase to an absolute minimum whilst still ...
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New website launched

  • 7th December 2022
Greetings All, Our new website went live just now. It is faster, cleaner, and utilises the latest technology for a smoother customer experience. Well, that is the expectation. But as we know, Murphy is always lurking in the background. If you notice something that is not working as expected then please let us know. We will fix it within ...
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Mass Payments

  • 6th December 2022
Greetings All, If you use "mass payments" then read on, otherwise, ignore this announcement. Just a quick note that mass payments are currently not available. Ie, paying for multiple invoices in one payment transaction... This is because we are unable to reconcile these payments with your account(s) and service(s). This is a system issue and ...
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